Time for change! Let's get resources to those fighting for social change. We have a plan.

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Its time for massive social change! We have a plan to get resources to those change-makers fighting the good fight for social change. Whatever social cause you support needs resources and funding to see its mission come to fruition. We have a plan to make that happen using an opportunity in the casino industry. 

Casinos have a positive economic impact on communities. However, these positive impacts also come with social costs. CP Charities would like to use the casino industry to bring social good to the areas surrounding casinos.  Let's strengthen communities by giving extra funding to local, not for profits. Causes that address racism, poverty, health, homelessness, addiction, veterans, and many others need funding.   

Casino Slot Machines are designed so that they almost always end play with a little change on them. Win or lose when you cash out at a kiosk there is loose change. This change if donated would add up to significant donations for the community.  

We have developed an innovative system that would allow a patron the option to donate the change portion of their slot ticket to charity. With the COVID-19 crises all around us, who wants to stick their hand in a change receptacle for a few pennies when it could go to great causes in the community?

CP Charities would vet the charities and reconcile the donation process. The process would include the use of the highest industry standards and be completely transparent. The industry would need a third-party organization to ensure compliance and efficacy. These donations are from the casino patrons. In a highly regulated industry such as the gaming industry, it is important that all IRS and Gaming regulations are followed.  

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