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Change for Alimony Laws - Alimony Reconsideration as Federal Law instead of State Law

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Contact your local Reform! Support them!  Give ideas and donations!  If there is not a Reform in your area and one is needed start one, you have thousands to help back you up!!!

These are ideas sent to people that need new ideas, they are not set in stone!  Please sign to get rolling on change even if you think they should be different as everything needs to be hashed out anyways!!!

Alimony is currently left upto state decisions and "broad discretion" of the local courts.  This makes for huge loopholes, unfair property and payment assignment, and one side left in destitute in most cases.  I think standard federal forms and rules need to be contracted.  Alimony needs to be maintenance only, until children are in full time school, or education is obtained (4-5yrs).  The current laws allow for permanent alimony, unfair amounts, and do not "require" the recipient to look for or obtain employment.  There needs to be a change so it is fair as well for the payor.  If the payor gets remarried the new spouse is not allowed the rightful "duty of support" even though they provide the "duty of services" (which are within the law of marriage in every state), as the duty to support is awarded to the ex that no longer supplies services!  That makes every second wife less then the latter in the eyes of the law, that should not be.  Alimony should also be under the same federal scrutiny as welfare, recipients should be made to secure education/employment.  You should also have to prove if you earned your alimony during the marriage.  Prove non-economical contributions.  If you did not Child rear, clean, cook, have sex, or work and pull weight during a marriage you shouldn't be able to clean out the other spouses lifetime earnings just because they stayed, because it was the right thing to do. I am sure there is Psychiatrists that could come up with marital/divorce surveys to figure this out. 

I work full time, have 3 children, full time student and have to cut out a lot of my life to pay for hers, how is this the law, why should my children suffer because she is lazy?  We've gone without school clothes because she didn't want to pay taxes, we've gone without birthdays because she is destitute with $3500+ in savings.... we are not the only families this is affecting. Women give up new relationships to work second jobs and  Guys are living in prison because it's easier then working for their ex to not have to. 

There must be laws, there must be change, there must be rules that everyone can live with. 

* please note the update section for the letter sent out. 

*if you would like a print out petition and letter to hold your own town or state meeting email me and I will send you both.

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