Change for 148

Change for 148

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Why this petition matters

Started by Megan Galik

Throughout the years, there have been countless accidents take place at the intersection of Route 148 and Park Street in Southern Illinois. I myself have been directly impacted by the loss of a loved one due to not only the carelessness of distracted drivers, but the danger of the hill and blocked views when driving south bound on Route 148. Here is a little bit about my story and my cause. 

Sue Ramsey was driving home on the evening of January 5th, 2012 after a long day of work and grocery shopping. As she was taking her daily route home southbound on Route 148, a reckless driver (details I will not provide) ran through the stop sign posted going west on Park Street. Due to her actions, she T-boned Sue on the driver side, propelling Sue's vehicle into the opposite field, approximately 50 yards off of the highway. This caused various internal injuries to Sue, which inevitably led to her passing. 

It breaks my heart knowing families before Sue and after Sue are having to endure almost identical experiences to what my family had to endure. Due to this, I am demanding the county, surrounding cities, and the state to ensure a change to this intersection. 

While I am not sure what changes can be made, here are a few options I have brainstormed to help alleviate the danger of this intersection: 

  1. Put in speed bumps, preferably speed tables, approaching both stop signs on either side of Park Street to force vehicles to deaccelerate while approaching Route 148.
  2. While this would be an unpopular opinion, and more costly, install stop lights. This would cause traffic to become more aware of the intersection. 
  3. When driving south bound on Route 148, there is a large hill as you are approaching the intersection, as well as large trees that are blocking the stop sign on the east side of Park Street. If the construction of the hill cannot be adjusted, at least cut down the trees that block the view of eastern Park Street, so that those drivers have a clearer view of oncoming vehicles as well as the oncoming vehicles having a view of cars approaching the intersection. 

Please help me potentially save lives by making this intersection safer! 

2,078 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!