Change FDA Regulations! Juul should be an aid to quit smoking, not an alternative!

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Britain and the US have a large contrast in e-cigarette use, particularly amongst youth. In the United States, there have been concerns in regards to e-cigarettes acting as gateways to regular smoking habits in youth. However, evidence in Britain cannot say the same: in Britain, regular vaping among youth who have never smoked before is less than one percent. In the US, it is a shocking 20.8 percent. Why the significant difference? Nicotine, the addictive substance found in e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco products, has a much lower cap in the Britain than it does in the US. This causes British e-cigarettes to truly act as cigarette-quitting aids, while in the US, they act as another type of smoking device. FDA regulatory processes have it made it TOO hard to create a real cigarette-quitting aid! If the processes were changed, Juul would not have to use such a high nicotine level, because it would have been able to market its original use (cigarette-quitting aid), and not changed it at the end because FDA processes were too long and expensive.