Call to change Existing blueberry farms to organic close to residential neighbours

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A call to regulate that all blueberry farms close to schools, residential properties, large lot residential R5 and recreational areas in Coffs Harbour change to organic farms. 

As a compromise to the existing dilemma of incompatible land use in Coffs Harbour where farming methods and neglecting practices cause harm to residents and environment, we propose a change of these farms to organic farms.

It is widely known that several of these farmers are just completely indifferent to the environment or the destruction they leave on their ancillary uses. The photo is one of many in our beautiful area.  This is criminal. These farmers need to be held accountable. Please notify authorities if you see any misconduct. 

It is time to think of the future and the advantages that organic farming can bring to Coffs Harbour. The blueberry industry is a major economic driver in our area. The organic farms could bring a solution and encourage a cohesive community. 

We will no longer live under great threat and the farmers and residents can build together on a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with a bright economic future. 

New opportunities will arise from organic farming that would compliment the existing tourism industry, the property market will not be affected negatively with the damaging ancillary land uses and our environment will be safer to cherish for generations to come. 

As residents we need to act now. Please support this petition and forward it to every person in your contact list and help to reach every person in Coffs Harbour or that may visit our area.  We have a duty to the next generation and a right to a Healthy Sustainable Environment.  
The result of these farming practices will be lasting legacy of our decisions on future generations and so we must act now to ensure a better future

Thank you for your support!