Change Examination Rules For Reappearing Students in GGSIPU

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On behalf of the entire Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University student community, I would like to bring a serious issue to the front that has somehow stayed in the black up to this point in time.

Imagine there's an exam that you're supposed to take a few days from now. You are all up in the preparations but all of a sudden something comes up on the examination day. Now unless that something is a personal (or national) problem, you most probably will ditch that and go ahead with the exam. But what if that something is an exam too? What if that something was 2 exams? That's what thousands of us have been dealing with.

According to university rules, if a student fails to pass in a particular subject in the end term exams, he/she is supposed to take that exam again an year later. For instance, if I fail the Applied Mathematics - II paper in the upcoming end terms exams in May - June, I will take the exam in May - June 2019 along with my regular exams. A reappear exam typically falls on some date in between 2 regular exams and in the worst case, on the same day as a regular exam. This structure just makes the exam conducting process easier for the university, that's it. For the student, this makes those 2 exam weeks worse than hell. One night you're studying subject A all the while knowing that you also have to take the exam for subject B too on the same day. Writing 2 exams on the same day or even 2 back to back exams on 2 days is just too much for us students. Not to mention that we have to start from scratch as 1 year is just too much of a period to remember even little things about the subjects. It's time something be done about this.

The solution to this problem is not all that complex. Instead of taking the reappear exams along with the regular exams, the university can make an entire different date-sheet for reappearing students. For instance, if the regular exams take place over the period of May 16 to June 1, then reappear exams can be conducted from June 5 to 15. Another solution is that students can be allowed to take reappear exams in the few weeks following the result declaration. For example, if I got a backlog in 1 subject in the May - June end term exams, the results to which are typically declared in late July or early August, I can take the reappear exam in late August or September, preferably on weekends so the dates don't clash with regular college classes. A lot of Indian universities are already following this way of conducting exams over the traditional way.

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University has already relaxed the minimum passing criteria from 50% to 40% two years ago which was well appreciated by the student community. We believe the university will listen to us again.

Thank You!