Change current Westminster Smartphone policy

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How bad is it? Smartphones on academic life can become an upsetting issue when devices are taking attention away from students in their classes or in their chores. Normally, you check your smartphone in a 2 hour class, an average of 15 times.  

Rational for Change

Almost 90% of students with the access to smartphones, have become addicted to their devices. Remember when we thought our videogame consoles or our computers were driving them to borderline obsession? Well, that’s still nothing compared to what our phones mean to them. Actually, it's not only about students, it's about every person that can get one smart device; but especially students, in ages between 11-∞, have a “worrying” habit.  

Smartphone use by adolescents and teens is increasingly found to contribute to reduce academic performance, anxiety, depression, and cyber bullying. Childhood experts consider smartphone use contributes to an unhealthy environment for children. Recently, more  schools private and public are adapting stricter guidelines for use.

Proposed Change

Smartphones must be kept off and out of site during instructional periods (from the start of period one to the end of the last period of the day) including during lunch time. Exceptions to the policy include a student with a written medical disability.

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**Please forward this email to 10 more families at Westminster Christian School so we can present this signed petition to the administration by May 21.**

 From a Westminster Christian School Parent