Allow CT Bars & Restaurants to Sell Cocktails, Beer & Wine To-Go Permanently

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Currently as a result of Governor Lamonts executive order; CT bars & restaurants are allowed to sell cocktails that they make and package in sealed containers, bottled beer and wine To-Go accompanied by food. Though previously unprecedented in the state of CT, this executive order has created a source of income for bars & restaurants in the state of CT during the mandatory Covid shutdown, into phase 2, 3 and beyond. The executive order is due to expire on September 9th and when that happens things will, "get back to normal," meaning that bars & restaurants will lose this privilege. Unfortunately things will not be "back to normal" for many bars & restaurants as the local bar & restaurant industry continues to see huge drops in revenue even with the advances into phase 2 & 3.

Many bars and restaurants are struggling to survive during this current economic climate. Many of them have closed their doors already or are operating at a loss currently, as they are generating allot less revenue in reference to the Pre-Covid economic climate. The bars & restaurants that are open need every bit of revenue available to them and that includes selling alcoholic drinks to go with takeout food.

Many of you have already enjoyed; margaritas to go with your taco takeout dinner, a bottle of wine with your takeout pasta meal or even craft or signature cocktails that you missed from your favorite bars with takeout snacks! All we are asking is to take this practice that has now existed for months with no immediate issues and make it a part of Connecticut's permanent legislation.

If you care about your local bars, restaurants, their staff and families then please give them every tool they need to survive. Thank you for your support! 

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