We bought it, allow us use it - Change "conditions of Sale" - Airlines one sided policy

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My horrible experience of missing a flight made me learn the hardest way that if you miss a flight, all the remaining legs of your journey get auto cancelled without any information & without refund ! I had booked a ticket on Air France, but this is the policy with almost all the airlines.

In the absence of mailers and logics, many passengers have got last moment shocks when they were refused boarding passes at the airport. 

I missed to board my outbound flight but I informed Air France within 24 hours about my intentions to fly the return sector which I had already paid for. I assured them that I am reaching destination by another flight after purchasing ticket at the last moment. 

Next day, when I was in Germany, I received a mail from Air France that as per policies & General Conditions of Sale my return ticket has been cancelled . The policy neither allowed a refund nor travel on next sequence of journey of a "no show" ticket.

I could understand "no refunds" probably because the airline probably gives us a discounted fare while booking a return ticket; but WHY REFUSE TRAVEL? In any case somebody will be traveling on that seat ! Why can't it be me who has already paid for it ! Logically, ticket seems to be cancelled because if someone has not boarded then how would he come back; but when the assurance of travel is coming directly from the passenger then WHY REFUSE TRAVEL ??? Isnt it a violation of consumer rights ? In today's hi-tech era, passenger verification is very easy.

The aircraft will not come with that seat as vacant. That means the seat for which I had paid will put on sale again! Airlines treating passenger's ordeal as a money-making opportunity!! When I tried to rebook the ticket on same flight, it was showing availability at an exorbitant price. How they forfeited my money, and are selling it at premium !


Helpless, I booked  last moment ticket on another flight which made me cover an 8.5 hrs journey in 14 hours. I am a middle class working woman who ended up buying 2 tickets for one travel BECAUSE I MISSED MY FLIGHT !

Missing a flight itself is an ordeal. No one intends to miss a flight. If it happens, the schedules go hay-wire, our finances go hay-wire and the distressed passenger is thrown into dark thoughts of unforeseen.

But, IT IS NOT A CRIME ! People have to bear less penalties for crimes as compared to ones who miss flight. 

In June, 2017, a spanish court ruled in favour of a passenger and asked Iberia airlines to refund the cancelled ticket on account of missing the first leg of journey. Pls see the link -


I therefore request honourable minister to kindly change the existing policies in case of missing flights on at least our home carriers ( Air India & Jet airways) in the interest of Indian passengers. This may also give it an edge over and make them preferred airlines 

I request you to kindly sign the petition demanding changing policies which kill consumer rights and make customers bear entire loss. The airlines makes profit anyways rather more if we miss the flight ! 

We are not asking airlines to refund the money; but to allow customer to use what he/she has paid for !