Issues of concern are as followed:


1. Pg 11 Crisis Management De- Escalation, Isolation and Restraint of Students-s, staff and visitors.The school is committed to maintaining a safe learning environment for all students staff and visitors. It is the policy of our school to only untilize seclusion, isolation and restraint in response to emergency or crisis stiuations. Their use should (a) not be viewed as a behavior changeor intervention strategy (b) be implemented only under extreme situations and as a matter of last resort (c) be implemented only by trained personnel and (d) be accompanied by school wide proactive positive behavior supports to prevent the need for their use. Ehen such activities are utilized , documentation procedures are required in addition to timely communication with parents and other key members of the educational system. 


2. Pg 18- 26 Acts of Misconduct listed in this Student Code of Conduct are not to be construed as an all inclusive list or as a limitation upon the authority of the school officials to deal appropriately with other types of conduct which  interfere witht he good order of the school, the proper functioning of the educational process, or the health and safety or the students


A student who engages in any of the acts of misconduct listed in this student code of conduct will be disciplined in accordance witht the disciplinary levels described below. Additionally, a student who engages in an act of misconduct that viloates the law may be referred to the appropriate law enforcement. A student who engages in an act of misconduct when the student was enrolled in another school for which the disciplinary action has not been fully served may be required to serve our the length of the suspension or expulsion.


Students are expected to follow the Code of Conduct when:


on school property


in a motor vehicle being used for school related purpose


at a school related activity, function or event


en route to or from school


at any tim or place when the students behavor has a direct or immediate effect on maintaining order, safety, health and disciplin in the school


Acts of misconduct include, but are not limited to the following:


Failure to cooperate or comply with directions of school personnel and volunteers


False allegations against staff, volunteers or students


falsification of records or scholastic dishonesty including cheating and plagiarism


misuse of copyrighted materials


improper or disrespectful communications to staff volunteers or students


use of profane and or inappropriate language


disruption of school


bullying and harassment


cyber bullying as defined by the technology use and internet safety practices and procedures


criminal sexual conduct as defined by state law


improper dress in violationof the dress code


indecency either with clothing exposure pictures or public display or affection


any public display or affection having sexual connotations


violationa of buildings rules and regulations


violations of rules or policies as set forth in the Parent and Student Handbook


Smoking, tobacco possession or use


Trespassing, loitering


Suspended or expelled student on school property or attending school activites


false alarms


possessionof electronic devices defined by school policy


defacement damage of property or theft possession of stolen property


coercion, ectortion or blackmail




possessionof dangerous weapons as defined by state law and dangerous weapons or instruments not otherwise enumerated herein


Possessionof personal protecton devices such as tasers mace peper spray etc


Fighting, physcial assault and or battery on another person


engaging in gangs or gang related activiteies displaying gang relatied items or affiliation e.g. wearign clothing using language throwing signs and writing names or symbols associated with a gang.


Biolationof technology use and internet safety practtices and procedures


misconduct prior to enrollment


verbal assault


malicious or willful types of behavior that endanger the safety of others


extremes acts of defiance and or threats toward teachers other adults fellow students


criminal acts other than as enumerated herein


excessive tardiness or absencess as defined in the attendance  policy


Parents or studnet who are unsure of what conduct is prohibited by each act shoud consult with the Principal.Bullying &harassment from staff to student. Staff should be held accountable for these actions towards students.


3. Pg 19 Disciplinary Procedures Everything listed. A student may be disciplined at any level depending onthe frequency and or severity of the act of misconduct. A behavior referral report will be completed for each violation of the code of conduct and copies are made for the parent and ket in the students file. Discipline records will be included in any student file properly requested by the parent to  transferred to a subsequent school. Corporal punishment is prohibited as a means of discipline.


An additional concern YOUR Principal continues to deny parents access to their children. Especially when a child asks to call their parent. This Principal has told the administrative staff not to allow the students to call their parents when they are sent to the office or disciplined by the deans.This is unacceptable. The Principal , school staff and the Dean of Students demeans the children by calling them names like smart mouth, bad etc etc. She lacks respect, and she not connected to the students or parents. This principal and the deans lack the skills needed to build proper healthy relationships with parents and students.


4. Pg 27-31 Parental Partnership: Communication- Everything listed. Also page 29 Parental Partnership Attendance If your child is tardy or absent 10-12 days the Dean and Teacher will meet witht eh parent to complete an A-CAP. The student will be reported to CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES ( CPS).


5. Pg 32-33 Parental Partnership Dress Code. Personal Hygiene the personal grooming of student should be in accord witht eh standards set by the uniform dress code. Students should be clean and neat when at school.


Not Permitted


Tattoos or writing on skin


Hats of any kind or hooded sweatshirts. No hooded sweatshirts are permitted in the classroom


Dark glasses


Any distracting jewelry


Overly large clothing that sags down below the waist area.


Rhinestone silver ringed studded or belts with designs Plain only.


Extreme  hairstyles. Extreme styles are at the discretion of the principal.


Wearing, carrying, and displaying gang paraphernalia, names signs, or symbols of gang membership are prohibited.


Blue jean material knit pull on pants joggings pants cargo pants with outside side pockets  corduroy pants or decorative embroidery are not permitted.


No shoes with wheels, airbrushing house slippers or flip flops are permitted on school grounds in the gym or the sidewalks in the parking lots or in the playgrounds


Extreme makeup


Leggings or skinny pants are not permitted


Bracelets are not permitted


Principal and Deans are not following what is on the dress code. They are implementing different dress codes upon their discretion. This type of behavior is unacceptable, confusing and unaffordable to the students and parents. They are implementing a behavioral consequence which leads to repeated practice of harassment. Children are being singled out.  This guideline also discusses extreme hairstyles. This is discriminatory act against the students enrolled and not culturally sensitive. Discretion of the Principal leaves to much room for discrimination, harassment and bullying on the part of school staff. We as parents understand the importance of uniforms that is WHY we sent our children to a school that has a uniform policy. However, when your policy becomes a main priority before education this creates an problem. Actions like this creates hostile environment.


6. Pg 34 Parental Partnership Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy. This policy states the school has adopted a policy addressing the importance of parent involvement. in addition to existing policies and guidelines the school also recognizes the need for a policy that meets the requirements under section 1118 of the elementary and secondary education act , as amended by the no child left behind act of 2001 (P.L. 107-110) Currently, there are no know Parent meeting scheduled or Parent Committees, Parent Board established. Also Parents have not been updated on the results of Parent Satisfaction Surveys.


7. Pg 39 Transportation needs to be provided. Currently, lack of Yellow Bus Transportation and use of Metro bus passes raised safety concerns for the urban community being served and the age range of children using public transportation as a means to get to and from school. By no means should a 5yr old catch the metro bus from Manhattan ave to Bailey.


8. Pg 39 Wrap around Program another FREE after school program should be allowed to service our children to assist with their educational and after school needs.


9. pg 47 The Board has failed adequately addresses parental concerns. This Board lacks the ability to investigate, adhere to facts, concerns, and safety issues of students. Also, National Heritage Academies Parent Relations Department has failed to represent parents concerns, lacks the ability to advocate on behalf of parents. Buffalo United Charter School is 97% African American and they do not provide any culturally based programs. There is one African American teacher for the seventh and eighth grade students. Also, 95% of parental concerns brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees and Parent Relations Department are avoided and misrepresented for an outcome favoring the current Principal.


10. The Deans have been instructed by the Principal to take away graduation from 8th grade students for uniform infractions, tardiness, carbon notes, minor suspensions, and by the discretion of school Dean/Principal.


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