Ryan needs to be sacked from the AM Show.

Ryan needs to be sacked from the AM Show.

38 have signed. Let’s get to 50!
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Started by Deborah Turner

We need to stop the media from disrespecting our elect PM Jacinda Ardern. Her Party was elected by the people in a democratic election  and the continual disrespectful behaviour of journalist on the AM Show on channel 1 and on all Newshub articles needs to stop.
The people that voted the party in deserve respect with the fact that for the first time under MMP one party has won by such a landslide they are able to govern alone.
Newshub should be made to stop their opinion pieces, they are bias and not based on facts. 
Newshub have an agenda against our current PM and that should not be able to continue, the sponsors need to stop supporting this behaviour or the people will boycott them, we the people say that she is our leader and should be respected as such. 
It is our belief that no media outlets would behave this way if our PM was a man and their behaviour is not only discriminatory it is misogynistic. On 8th March 2022 International Woman’s Day it was the worst behaviour towards our PM by Ryan on the AM Show and this needs to be stopped. 
the people signing this petition call on Newshub to get rid of Ryan and cease this behaviour or your sponsors will be boycotted until you do so. 

38 have signed. Let’s get to 50!