Can common people become doctors in our country...definitely not with this fee structure

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Doing a post graduation in medical course is a great dream of every student who completed mbbs, not only for their bright future but also to serve people better to make our india prosperous, in andhra pradesh mainly the postgraduate (pg) medical seats are more in private medical colleges,even a good rank holders in pg entrance mostly should take their seat in private medical colleges,for convener quota in private medical college govt of ap has suddenly raised the fee 150% in post graduation fee ,an average medical student from a middle class family cant afford annual fee of 6.9 lakhs [3 years cumulative fee of 21 lakhs] for his post graduation,even a sincere and honest IAS OFFICER cant afford his/her daughter or son to pursue post graduate seat in medicine (even if his/her daughter or son works hard to get good rank) ,then what about a common govt employee,farmers,bus drivers,workers in private companies,their fate going to be decided not by their talent but by the currency, dream of a pg seat for  medical student should not be a curse for him , its better if government reforms the fee structure such that many medical students can live their dreams to serve the need for the better tomorrow 

We are requesting honourable cheif Minister Sri Naara Chandra Babu Naidu garu,to please reduce the "A" category fee like that of government colleges