Boycott 75% attendance

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As you all know the biggest barrier of a student for achieving their goals now a days is attendance . Yes, the 75% attendance rule not only stop to achieve student's goals but also bind them to think in 4 walls . You may say that  it force them to think within the class room by spending 7-8 hours and attending the lectures . The student who has different capabilities different abilities ruining themselves by this rule .

Ok who are  students ? Students are like birds they are here to fly , to explore , to understand, They never wanted to achieve their dreams by spending their life within four walls . Attendance is not more like attendance but it has become a parameter to judge a student capability . Learning is always a choice it can never be imposed .

I am starting this petition because of my own personal experience. I have asked friends and other students about this whole situation and a lot feel the same way. I do well in school, I always get good grades, but yes I do have those days where I just do not feel the need to be in school, or have something more important to do, or didn't get enough sleep the night before so I miss a class or two or three. Just because I am absent does not make me a bad student. I do all my assignments and turn them in on time. It is not fair to be penalized for something that I am paying for. I should be in charge of my own education - WE ALL SHOULD BE IN CHARGE OF OUR OWN EDUCATION.

I hope my small step will bring a difference .