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Stop the cutting of 60 trees in Sector-17 for construction of Over-bridge


Cutting 60 fully grown trees in centre of Chandigarh for constructing an overbridge exclusively for 'cars' is such an irresponsible act of environmental destruction.

It's of common knowledge that there is not much traffic volume on this road from Taj Hotel to KC theatre,as compared to many other places in the city, constructing an overbridge here is not just a waste of public money but shall also destroy the local environment.

Hence more eco-friendly solutions must be sought for by the Adminsitration by involving citizens' opinions and professional help of qualified experts in the field.

Le Corbusier the planner of Chandigarh said :

“The seed of Chandigarh is well sown. It is for the citizens to see that the tree flourishes”.


FAQ - Will signing this petition be of any use ?

Ans: Yes definitly,infact much more than what one might think.

1. It helps to create awareness online.
2. It sends emails to the concerned officers email IDs.
3. A petition signed in a decent number will help as 'people's opinion' in a legal case.

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Enviornment, Chandigarh Adminsitration Director
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Administrator, Chandigarh Administration.

As a responsible and proud citizen of Chandigarh, I sincerely request you to be considerate enough to stop the cutting of 60 trees in Sector-17 for construction of Over-bridge.

Cutting 60 fully grown trees in middle of Chandigarh is such an irresponsible act of environmental destruction.
On one hand your office is planning to be more eco-friendly by creating vehicle free zones in various sectors starting from Sector-17 on other hand you are planning to uproot 60 fully grown trees in the same sector. This dilutes the very message of Environmental preservation.

Giving lame excuses like ' we will compensate the same by growing more saplings in other parts of the city' is like murdering some one and then saying ' I will produce more babies in compensation'.

Hence we as responsible and environment loving citizens kindly request your office to:
1. Stop the cutting of these 60 fully grown trees with immediate effect.
2. In future, organize a open public debate on such projects that are of environmental concern.
3. Find out environment friendly solutions by engaging professionally qualified innovative consultants.


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