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Chancellor, University of Delhi, Hamid Ansari: Save Delhi University for Future Students

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Delhi University is putting the future of students at risk by hurriedly implementing changes in it's program without consultations. Many of it's own professors are raising questions about the new structure. The imposition of the 4-Year Programme is unconstitutional as it is against the National Education Policy.

The University is now introducing a Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP), which is inherently flawed. This is already becoming evident during the process of course restructuring. Many departments like English and Economics have already made their displeasure public by stating that the new syllabus has been 'watered down' on one hand and impossible to be taught in the stipulated time on the other. In a hurry to implement the 'grand' reforms, valid concerns over their practical implications are being shelved and any dissent crushed.

Adding one more year to the course can result in a financial burden for the students from the poorer sections, especially women, who might be deprived of quality education. There is complete lack of any initiative, on the part of the University or the Government, to explain the rationale behind these reforms. 

Such changes cannot be implemented without adequate deliberations and consultation with the relevant stakeholders. However, no such consultation was held. Meanwhile  the Delhi University is being allowed to go against the National Education Policy. This is equal to a fraud. 

Top educationsits and professors have raised some serious concerns including eligibility concerns for MA for certain students under the FYUP. Valid logistics-related and intellectual questions have been raised about the FYUP, for which the authorities have no answers.  

Through this petition we are asking the Chancellor and Hon'ble Vice President Hamid Ansari to intervene and stop this destruction of University of Delhi. We demand a public consultation be organised to ascertain the suitability of the implementation of FYUP. 

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