Return Services and Campus Fees to UW-Madison Students

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Against the better recommendations from local and national experts urging virtual-only courses, University officials decided to go through with the re-opening of UW-Madison, a decision we can only rightfully assume was due to the financial situation the University would be if they'd chosen otherwise. Now, because of the inevitable and forewarned community spread of COVID-19 resulting from this reckless decision by highly-paid officials, many student services have been switched to an online format or halted completely (i.e, the opening of the Rec Facilities, limited access to University Health services, etc.). UW-Madison should not by any means be entitled to the fees they've charged students for this semester for services they have extremely limited or no access to. The purpose of this petition is to urge university officials to return some, if not ALL, of the nearly $750.00 they've charged students for the lackluster Fall 2020 semester.