Include the Self Employed in the 80% of income grant during the COVID-19 Crisis

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We are the Self Employed

Coronavirus has killed our business.
We can't go out.
We can't trade.
We have no income. 
We can't put food on our table.
We can't pay our bills.

We are the Self Employed. We are the same as you.

But the Government think we're different. Our families aren't as important as yours. 

We are the self-employed and we are excluded from claiming the Government's 80% of income grant during the COVID-19 Crisis.

We are the creatives, writers, designers, florists, cake makers, musicians, make-up artists, web-designers, film makers, photographers, hair dressers, plumbers, artists, dog walkers, cleaners, tutors, electricians, child-minders, models, gardeners.

We are the people that entertained you, inspired you, taught you, supported you, worked for you.

We are the small businesses who deserve to be helped in equal measure.

- companies have been offered a grant to guarantee employee incomes up to 80%, to a maximum of £2500 per month

- we've been offered Universal Credit - £317.82 for a single person or £498.89 for a couple - per month! Would that cover your bills?

- limited companies have been offered grants
- the self employed have been offered loans

The Government's support for the Self Employed is disproportionate

Small businesses pay the same rate of tax as employees. We are not a burden on the welfare system, we pay our National Insurance contributions like everyone else. Most of us have a reduced carbon footprint as we work from home. 

All we want is the Government to protect our incomes to the level that they are protecting the incomes of employees. All we want is the same consideration and respect as everyone else.

Please sign to show your support for the Self Employed to be treated with equal measure during the Coronavirus.

We are the Self Employed.

We don't want to die.

Thank you.



*figures taken from - 21.03.20


Small Business Grant - Self Employed workers working from home are not eligible to apply for this cash grant

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan - the Self Employed can apply but are 100% eligible for the debt