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Lower the cost of duty on fuel

Many people are struggling to cover the cost of rising fuel which in turn is sending them below the poverty line.

In rural areas public transport links are both poor and expensive meaning that in order to get to work not just on time but also in a timely manner, people need to drive.

Every year we see fuel duty rise and it is going to reach a point where people truly can't afford to go to work any more.

There are government schemes to enable people to buy a brand new hybrid car at a much reduced price but this doesn't take into account the poorer families who don't buy a new car every few years or indeed ever.

In the short time I have been driving I have seen the cost of fuel rise from almost £1 a litre and while this is in part due to the rise in wholesale prices the government has played a huge part in this increase.

I would call for not just a freeze on fuel duty but a reduction. There are areas of tax people have a choice over, such as buying a new car, cigarettes and alcohol. This isn't one of them for millions of people. Driving to work needs to be made more cost effective for the people that cannot rely on public transport.

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