Remove eligibility Criteria as removed for Law and Business Sections.

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Lot Of students are having backlogs because of attendance issues and eligibility criteria. Many People have at least 1 or 2 backlogs and because of these backlogs their career would be bad or they might not get jobs because or backlogs.

Management Keeps changing too, so the rules too change, which a student wont be able to cope up with. This semester teachers talk about new rule, That's CUMULATIVE ASSESSMENT, which wasn't present in last semesters and neither students were informed of.

There are many problems which students face because of this new management, Such as,

  • Every branch is having different criteria for eligibility.
  • Aerospace department has no attendence criteria.
  • If Aerospace students have less marks in DSA, They are allowed to write up assignments for the same.
  • IT has totally different rules with 50% Attendance and 25 Marks for eligibility.
  • Juniors and Seniors have been made eligible because of courtesy for teachers but 3rd year students are not made eligible.
  • Teachers have a habit of saying "Go Check DEANS office" if there is anything wrong with Marks or eligibility, So does the HOD of IT Department. the hierarchy of teachers and HOD and dean isnt much of use here, because whatever you ask, HOD, Teachers point at DEAN, As if the DEAN is processing our marks and attendance further.
  • Students of 2014-18 Batch ACED have exempted from Eligibility Criteria.Only 2015-19 batch is not being caught with this criteria.

Students please support us.

So I kindly Request the management to remove the eligibility criteria for 2015-19 batch as removed for business and law schools and 2014-18 batch of ACED.

Thank You.