Lets Decrease Child Poverty In The United Kingdom

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We think Phillip Hammond the Chancellor of the Exchequer should investigate into the causes of Child Poverty in the United Kingdom. 

The issue of child poverty is on the rise in Britain and we need to do something before its too late to stop kids and families being consigned to a life of limited opportunities.

We asked a head teacher on this issue and the question was what do you think we should do about children in poverty? In response he said "provide as much support as possible. All the evidence is that early help has the biggest impact on addressing the potential impacts of poverty"

We also asked him another question about how much should go into stopping child poverty? "as much as a country can afford. As I said previously, every pound spent on early years intervention will prevent double, triple that being spent in later years."

The guardian reported on child poverty and they did some research into this and it found that "7m Britons are in poverty despite being from working families" 

Because of this we also believe you should scrap the zero hours contract because it’s uncertain when you work. For example, you could go to work and they could turn you away which isn’t fair and the employers are the ones who can choose which seems undemocratic. And this means they might not have a stable job so then they wouldn’t be able to pay their bills.

This would help because wages which are poor and don’t pay the bills mean the family have hardly anything to spend on foods and clothes. And it’s causing child poverty because families don’t have much to spend even if they spend hours working each week and these poor wages are the things which are causing child poverty as inflation goes up and the cost of living goes up while wages stagnate.

Therefore, we urge you to take action before its too late.



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