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Chancellor Khosla: Suspend the Permanent Layoffs and Open a Dialogue Now!

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We the undersigned oppose the permanent layoffs of the production staff within the UCSD Department of Theatre and Dance. We respectfully demand the immediate suspension of the staff layoffs that are currently set to take effect January 8, 2017. This layoff will cause severe financial hardship to the affected staff and believe will permanently damage the operating capacity and reputation of the UCSD Department of Theatre and Dance. Additionally this layoff will negatively impact the education received by the Graduate and Undergraduate students within the department, and negatively affect recruitment of qualified staff, faculty and students for decades to come.

We respectfully demand that, upon suspension of the layoffs, the administration meet with the faculty and staff to consult meaningfully and in good faith in regards to the restructuring of the Theatre and Dance Department. The proposed restructuring is unfair in that it demotes the entire production staff, effectively devaluing the hard work they do for the University. Through collaboration, we believe that a mutually beneficial solution will be found.

The current UCSD Production Staff brings an unequaled wealth of Theatrical Production knowledge to all areas of Technical Theatre and Theatrical Design. With over 250 years of combined service to the Department of Theatre and Dance the current staff represents the heart and soul of the department. The permanent lay-off does irreparable damage not only to the lives of your dedicated professionals, but to a World Class Theater Department that has been producing top theater professionals for decades.

There is a better way to make use of this precious resource. Please take the time to meet in good faith with production staff members because with their input a solution can be achieved that meets the departments needs more effectively than the current restructuring plan. Please take the time to allow our ideas to be given a fair hearing.


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