UNCG Cafeteria to remain open until 9:30pm or LATER.

UNCG Cafeteria to remain open until 9:30pm or LATER.

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Chancellor of the University of North Carolina Greensboro Chancellor Gilliam

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Started by Brain Jen

As I sat down at my computer at 8:30 pm to begin writing this I was ironically...starving. I will keep this brief and concise because I believe it is a poor use of my time to spend any more than 30 minutes on this due to the way the students have been treated this year. The cafeteria needs to stay open until after 7pm. It is not the students’ fault if inflation has economically impacted UNCG Dining Services and UNCG Dining Services cutting costs by closing the cafeteria on students at 7pm is ridiculous. After I have already paid $1,965 THOUSAND dollars PER SEMESTER, I find myself starving by 8:15 even if I went to the cafeteria right before close. I find myself having to budget my income for snacks at Harris Teeter so I can avoid going to sleep starving as well as wasting an astronomical amount of money on take out solely because of the cafeteria being closed. And let me just say this one more time...this is after I have paid $1,965 THOUSAND dollars PER SEMESTER. I have listed some other state school’s cafeteria hours:

UNCW: Earliest cafeteria opens at 7AM. Latest cafeteria closes at 10PM.

UNC: Latest cafeteria closes at midnight.

I will be leaving this as a google review as well and be noting some of the horrendous service I have received. I never thought I would be writing this, but I found myself so tired of going to bed hungry at night I thought it was finally time. 




73 have signed. Let’s get to 100!