Lower Tuition Cost for Spring Quarter at UC Davis

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As of March 26th, The University System of Maryland Board of Regents unanimously votes in favor of partial refunds of student fees in the wake of coronavirus safety measures. 

As of March 30th, Thomas Edison State University has lowered tuition rates for both in-state and out-of-state students. 

As one of the top public universities in the United States, UC Davis should enact similar refunds.

UC Davis students are entitled to a partial tuition refund for Spring Quarter 2020. Since on-campus students are being encouraged to return home and all instruction is to be delivered remotely, UC Davis students will no longer be able to benefit from most of the programs and services offered on campus. Consequently, the costs of providing many on-campus services, covered by student tuition, will decrease significantly as they have fewer individuals to accommodate. These services include but are not limited to, parking, ARC facilities, bike lockers, and others.

While students are encouraged to reach out for support, many services have now been moved to telephonic/online avenues resulting in the cancellation of talks on-campus, networking events, career fairs, work-study positions (loss of wages for many students) and reduced face-to-face time with professors and colleagues

The true essence of learning at UC Davis comes from interactions with professors and teaching assistants at faculty office hours and study groups, not the lectures themselves. It is those natural, spontaneous conversations with classmates and professors that enrich our learning experience. It is difficult to form real connections with peers, faculty, and staff remotely. For many UC Davis students, with a heavy load of lab-intensive courses, online classes are a complete mismatch.

The quality of an online learning environment is not comparable to in-person instruction. Due to the sudden transition, the quality of education imparted will be impacted because of being limited to online platforms. Due to a lack of precedent, there are increased chances of faculty's lack of familiarity with the newly incorporated technology which will affect the quality of instruction than a face-to-face meeting.

Many of the fees assessed by the University are related to on-campus student and facility fees (per quarter) and thus should be REIMBURSED.

Tuition (Adjustment is needed to account for the difference in online versus in-person courses and the decline in quality of education) - $3,814.00

Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition (applicable to the international and out-of-state student body and this needs to be adjusted to account for the differences) - $9,918.00

Student Services Fee - $376.00. The University of California Student Tuition and Fee Policy (Regents Policy 3101) states that Student Services Fee revenue ... shall be used to support services and programs that directly benefit students and that are complementary to, but not a part of, the core instructional program. These services and programs include, but are not limited to, operating and capital expenses for services related to the physical and psychological health and well-being of students; social, recreational, and cultural activities and programs; services related to campus life and campus community; technology expenses directly related to the services; and career support. Thus, an adjustment needs to be made to account for services not provided.                                                   

Undergraduate Campus-based Fees - $641.77 that include: ASUCD Fee - $35.00, Memorial Union Fee - $28.50, Facilities and Campus Enhancements Fee - $150.07, Campus Expansion Initiative - $198.35, Student Services Maintenance Fee and Student Activities and Services Initiative Fee - $126.97, Student Facilities Safety Fee - $22.00, Student Health Services Fee - $54.43, Unitrans - $19.34, The Green Initiative Fund Fee - $3.00, California Aggie Fee - $4.11

Total Tuition for Spring Quarter 2020 - $4,831.74

+ Parking Fees for students who have already paid for yearly/quarterly passes. 

UC Davis students are not receiving the school services that we have paid for as listed above and therefore we should be issued a partial refund for all tuition costs for the foreseeable future. 

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