100% Fair Student Funding of Benjamin N. Cardozo High School

100% Fair Student Funding of Benjamin N. Cardozo High School

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B.N. Cardozo HS Faculty, Parents, Staff, Students and Friends started this petition to NYC DOE Chancellor Carranza and

What has been going on at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School these past few months is nothing short of exhausting.  Everyone is disheartened by what has happened to one of the best high schools in New York City.

The staff is sad, upset, angry, disgusted and embarrassed.  I have fielded emails, phone calls and text messages by colleagues who just want to know what it is going to take for someone in a position of authority, to listen to us and provide the resources we need to fix our school.  

Everyone at Cardozo, from the Administration to the Faculty are doing the best we can, considering our circumstances.  But, Superintendent Lindsey, the NYC Council, DOE, the Office of Enrollment, the School Budget Directors, the Borough Safety Command, Borough Safety Director, the Mayor and you, the Chancellor, failed our school. 

You have the power and authority to provide the help our school needs.  All the aforementioned leaders ultimately need to take some responsibility. Heaven knows, I have heard all them place plenty of blame at the feet of our administration, faculty and staff.  Benjamin N. Cardozo High School faculty and staff do more good with less resources than anyone in the city!  Our faculty and staff are heroes. 

But, the leadership of our schools have FAILED our students!  After the slashing incident in December, they promised us help and delivered zero.  We need grade advisers, guidance counselors, social workers, school psychologists, college advisers, deans.  We need teachers, secretaries, librarians.  We need school safety agents, custodians and school aides.  We are terribly short-staffed. 

We need to offer our students, kids, help to deal with their issues.  We need help guiding them to peaceful solutions. We need to be more available to them, not tied up doing wasteful 'inquiry'!  We have DOZENS of teachers teaching an extra class, because YOU do not fund us enough to staff even the minimal number of teachers necessary to provide students with a minimal number of classes.  There are students in our school with 2 and 3 ‘STUDY HALLS’ on their programs, during which time they roam around aimlessly, and find trouble, instead of attending an actual class.  Next year looks even worse.  As of today, based on current projections, if we provide students with the bare minimum number of classes, almost 100 classes will not have teachers.  Because, you have not provided adequate funding for us to hire enough teachers. 

They promised us School Safety Agents, upwards of 11 and 12, WE RECIEVED NONE! Most days we are at 1 Level III and 7 SSA and many days we are at 1 and 6.  Clearly, they do not take our needs seriously! 

They promised to send us ATR's to help with our desperate need for manpower.  WE GOT NONE!  They told us, "Sorry, there weren’t any ATR's to send."  THEY LIED!  Three weeks ago, after dominating the headlines, Forest Hills High School received FOUR ATR's to help with their manpower issues.  We have similar issues as FHHS, we have tried avoiding the negative publicity, but, I guess we need to put Cardozo on the front page of the NY POST in order to get the help we so desperately deserve.

About three weeks ago, we were forced to put our school in lockdown once again.  Another major incident.  Another day of NYPD and emergency personnel swarming our school.  Another day of students locked in their classrooms for over two hours.  Another day of parents not knowing if their kids are safe.  Another day of the entire Cardozo community questioning the future of our school.  Another event that strikes fear into all of our hearts.  Well, maybe not all of us, YOU do not seem to care.  But I assure you, the Staff, the Faculty and Parents of Cardozo High School CARE!   We cannot continue like this and we will not accept this as just another day at Cardozo.

What will it take for our NYC Leadership to show the same level of concern and to act in our best interests?

Stop offering us social and emotional training as THE only solution.  Stop making our kids jump through hoops just to get into the library.  As it stands today, students have to choose between eating lunch or studying in the library.  How can we justify kids traveling an hour and a half to get to school?  Stop bragging about low suspension and incident statistics that are merely a reflection of a pathetic Disciplinary Code that actually hurts the kids who are doing everything they can to stay out of trouble and get an education. 

Stop telling us that the resources are “not available.”  We know that is a LIE! You find a way to fully fund other schools.  There are High Schools throughout this city that get 100% funding and many get even more than 100% fair student funding.  This is not the first time this issue has been brough to your attention. 

Benjamin N. Cardozo needs to be funded at 100%. 

Cardozo needs to be a priority!

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At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!