Chancellor, Bob Jones University: Apologize for stating that homosexuals should be stoned to death

I am confused by those that use the bible to make a certain point but ignore other important verses. As humans we have evolved, we do not live in days of beheading and stoning as some people still do. We have free will to learn, we have healed disease that would have killed us before. We have technology we never could have dreamed of. But there is also things we will not understand. So use your brain and think, even if you believe it's wrong, it is not your right to Judge, Isn't that also a commandment? So question how can there be as many as 5 people in the same blood line of family that are Gay. 5 different people that were raised in a great families, went to Church and taught respect and values and loved. Do you honestly believe they choose this? How can you preach LOVE when you spew hate? I can't even tell you how many people that were lost to a church because of judgmental Christians that felt they where not worthy enough or even dressed good enough to enter the Church! ..... Not everyone was born into that perfect family or had support of loved ones. Not everyone had the silver spoon ..... How dare we judge them... Very Sad!

Debbie croushore, dayton, OH, United States
7 years ago
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