Save Champlain College Hockey

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Unfortunately for many students, the Champlain College Club Hockey Team's funding has been cut for next year as part of the school's budget cutback. The club was home to a team of students all banding together once a week to partake in a good old hockey game. The team, although small, was a way for these students to play, learn, and enjoy the atmosphere and opportunity which hockey brings. The league may not be super competitive, but the happiness and bonds formed from these games are indescribable. Without this team, none of these students may have had the opportunity to meet, with a range from freshman to seniors filling the team. For many, the club hockey team was the only club which they partook in, and taking that away is wrong. The team, which started back in 2001, has joyed many players over the years, and it needs to keep going. The hope of this petition is to gather enough support to show that this club does matter. These students have been hurt by the budget cut, and with the community's help, it is our hope to keep hockey at Champlain College!