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Change the World, One Outfit at a Time!

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We, students and staff at Champlain College, demand that the Champlain College Bookstore supports a minimum of one line of sustainable clothing which is fair trade and uses hemp fibers.

The clothes at the Champlain College Bookstore are neither organic cotton nor fair trade. The reason we support the addition of a line of sustainable clothing in the bookstore is because it is simply the most ethical and responsible decision concerning clothing for an individual.


  • Cotton consumes an enormous amount of resources (especially non-organic cotton).
  • ⅗ of all pieces of clothing are thrown away within 1 year after they are produced.
  • Non fair-trade certified clothing may imply that child labour or underpaid workers made the clothing you are wearing.

Most issues with the fashion industry can be solved by adopting a more sustainable fashion. This includes buying fair-trade clothing as well as alternative textiles such as hemp.

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Thank you!


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