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To get the officer that shot "Dog" off the streets in Champaign, I.L.


This is a petition to help ensure that this kind of tragedy doesn't have to happen again. Help us fight towards safer community's for our families and pets! The officers first resort does not have to be discharging their firearm. There are other non-lethal means.

"Dog" was a loved companion of the Saathoff family who lost his life to a police shooting in Champaign, IL. He was an extensively trained and non-aggressive family dog. He was loved by many and did not deserve an untimely and undignified death like this.

Dog was being walked on a leash when another dog without a leash ran up and began a fight. The police showed up and shot the dog ("Dog") that was leashed instead of the other dog. This all happened just down the street from the families home and in front of their teenage daughter.

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  • Champaign Police Department
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    Don Gerard

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