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Mayor Rob Ford has lots of opinions about cycling in Toronto but has he ever ridden our streets? This Summer 2013, we're inviting Mayor Ford to take a spin on our wheels for a day!

The purpose of this challenge is to offer the Mayor a chance to experience the joys of cycling in the city, learn more about some of the frustrations and provide a platform for the community to discuss urban cycling issues.

If you'd like to challenge the Mayor to take a spin please sign below and we'll let him know! **(See the note at the end of this message about what information will be displayed publically)

Once we gather enough support we'll connect with the Mayor's office to design a cycling route for his daily activities within the city's core. If this isn't possible, we'll propose a route for him to give cycling a try - possibly Queen's Park to City Hall.

We also invite all other new cyclists in the city to join the Mayor in experiencing all the benefits of recreational and commuting cycling!

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**And not to worry, although the system may ask for your street address and email, only your name and city will be displayed publically. In addition, the Challenge organizer has no access to further details. If you'd like to support the Challenge but are uncomfortable with providing certain information please send a private message to the Challenge organizer here:

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Please note that this campaign aims to be completely respectful and is an honest attempt to offer the Mayor an opportunity to experience urban cycling. Derogatory comments will not be tolerated.

Letter to
Office of the Mayor, Toronto City Hall Mayor Rob Ford
Dear Mayor Ford,

Each year 900,000 Torontonians travel our streets by bicycle. Cycling is not only good for the health of Toronto citizens and the environment, but also offers a solution to the city's congestion issues while putting less wear and tear on our city's stressed infrastructure.

The cycling community is essential to Toronto, keeping at least 900,000 citizens from travelling in single-occupancy vehicles or on an already overwhelmed transit system. It’s also been proven that cycling creates significant positive change in local economies.

Unfortunately, cycling in Toronto is also dangerous with multiple cyclist fatalities and serious accidents each year. We desperately need your support in advocating for infrastructure solutions and to foster better attitudes and behaviours on the part of all citizens, to keep cyclists on our roads.

Please accept this letter as an official invitation from over 1000 members of the cycling community to come take a ride with us - at any time your schedule allows - to experience the joys of cycling in the city and learn more about some of the frustrations and issues cyclists face. Visit the following link to see all the signatures and stories of those supporting this invitation:

We’d be happy to design a cycling route for your daily schedule or we suggest taking a quick spin from Queen’s Park to your office at Nathan Phillips Square to see how great it feels to cycle in the city while also getting a better understanding of the need for proper cycling infrastructure. While we invite you to join us for a ride at any time your schedule allows, with the cooler weather now approaching, Fall is a great time for a ride!

We sincerely hope you join us, and are encouraged by your remarks during a 2009 council meeting when you said, “If I lived downtown I’d be with the cyclists. You don’t need a car to get to point A to point B.” (See: With your office now centrally located in the heart of the city we hope you’ll take a spin on our streets!

Your support for cyclists is key to keeping this important community safe and vibrant.

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