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I want to attend Challenge Early College High School for the 2017-2018 school year

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At a young age, my father would always stress the idea of having an education and career; as such, I always used him as fuel to do better in school, always thinking that I have to make my old man proud. I currently attend Challenge Early College High School, and because of behavioral issues, I not only jeopardized my renewal for my transfer, but my future in its entirety.

Last year I attended Westside High School, an extremely large campus that provided a laid back environment. The school didn’t challenge me academically and bullying was a constant struggle for me.There were several occasions where I’d have to fight off a group of guys, constantly on the lookout for guys trying to throw a punch at me. I always knew I wanted to attend Challenge since my middle school years, what other school offers you an associate’s degree and a bully-free environment? At Challenge every teacher gives you the proper attention needed, you don’t have to fight for a teacher’s attention since all are ready to give you the tools to succeed not only in a high school environment but a university/college one as well. The students and staff are all friendly and they immediately make you part of their family,I've built stronger relationships here than I ever have anywhere else in years. I love being able to represent this school and the look on my old man whenever he sees me attending college courses is something I wish to continue seeing.

 In closing, I simply want to prove that if given a second chance, I will do whatever is necessary to prove that the right choice was made. I will attend all my classes with an eagerness to succeed. I will follow all the rules, knowing if I slip up, I will accept whatever punishment is fit, even if it means getting kicked out. The fact that there is even consideration for allowing a transfer renewal means that I will work as hard as possible to get into the schools good graces. I want to succeed. And I know that there is no other way of doing so, of ensuring my future and enriching my life than attend Challenge. Please, help me get back to the school I love, the school that's given me opportunities and new friends and experiences. If I'm given a second chance, I promise I will not let anyone down.

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