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In 1982, Sandra Olrich was brutally beaten and repeatedly stabbed to death in Jamesville, NY, by Howard Marnell. She was only 20 years old and just celebrating her first wedding anniversary. Howard Marnell was Sandra's brother-in-law at the time of the murder. In 1981, a year before Marnell murdered Sandra, he also attempted to abduct a woman in a parking lot.  To our shock and horror the parole board granted Marnell's release as of April 16, 2013. Although we were able to get that release rescinded, Marnell goes before the parole board again in May. Please help us keep this dangerous man behind bars! Because of Marnell's history, it is our belief that he is a habitual predator, and a great danger to women and society! Visit Support Sandra Olrich and Family on Facebook for more information.

Letter to
New York State Chairwoman of Parole Chairwoman Andrea Evans
Keep Brutal Murderer Howard Marnell in Prison!
In 1982, Sandra Olrich was brutally beaten and stabbed to death in Jamesville, NY, by Howard Marnell. She was only 20 years old and had just celebrated her one year wedding anniversary. Marnell was Sandy’s brother-in-law at the time of the murder. He had been a member of Sandy’s wedding party.
The morning of the crime, Howard Marnell had been seen parked at a gas station down the road from Sandra Olrich’s home. After Sandy’s husband left for work, Marnell went to the home and made sexual advances towards her. When she rejected these advances, an argument began and Marnell brutally murdered her, beating her with a baseball bat and stabbing her repeatedly. Autopsy reports showed that she had a fractured skull, lacerated liver, lacerated lung, and neck and facial wounds. At some point, either before or after the crime, Marnell cut the telephone cord to Sandy’s home.
Marnell had injured his hand during the attack and drove himself to the hospital. He then went home to his wife, who was Sandy’s sister, and told her he had injured his hand at work. They spent the rest of the day shopping for dresses, Howard never showing any sign that he had just committed this horrific act towards his wife’s very own sister. That evening when the family gathered after hearing the tragic news, Howard sat with them, remaining calm and showing no remorse, pretending he was one of them.
It was also learned that Marnell had been previously arrested for accosting a woman and attempting to abduct her in a parking lot. Additionally, he commited crime(s) as a juvenile, but unfortunately his juvenile record is sealed.
Against the wishes of Sandy's family, Marnell was allowed to plead guilty to 2nd degree
murder in exchange for a sentence of 15 years to life in jail.
When Howard Marnell became eligible for parole, Sandy’s family, including her mother, sisters, and husband began going to the hearings which occurred every two years, and they gave statements expressing their concerns about the possibility of his release. After doing this several times, they were told not to worry about Marnell being released. They were told that because of the violent nature of Marnell’s attack on Sandy he would not be released until he was an old man and could no longer hurt anyone, if he was released at all. They were also told that it was not necessary to continue to come to each parole hearing and be put through the emotional heartache that inevitably resulted, as every letter and statement they made was kept on file and reviewed by the parole board at every parole review. However, once Sandy’s family stopped coming to the parole hearings and writing letters, the Parole Board decided to release this brutal murderer among us! Sandy’s family was able to get the scheduled April 16th release rescinded, but Howard Marnell goes before the Parole Board again in early May. Please help us keep this murderer behind bars where he deserves, so that our community can stay safe!!!

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