Petition on mal-administration by the national church board

Petition on mal-administration by the national church board

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Nhlanhla Mayisela started this petition to Chairperson of the National Church Board and

1. Despite the fact that the COVID 19 regulations have been eased the National Church Board has been taking advantage of the pandemic situation and using it as a scapegoat for not convening regional and national conferences much against the constitution. This has impacted negatively on the church pursuing its constitutional obligations such as conducting elections and reporting and dealing with matters affecting local churches such as Bhunya .

2. For about two (2) years now, monies due to the Regional Boards have not been remitted into their accounts. This is despite the fact that deposits into the church main account have been made. To our shock, not even a word explaining that anomaly was given. That brings into question the issue of accountability and transparency.

3. Greed for money and power has been so institutionalised that a mad rush for wealth and recognition has become the order of the day in the church thus perpetuating lying and gossip.

4. The ordination of pastors in the church has not been forthcoming in a more objective manner but has been used to reward all those who have reduced their responsibility to singing praises to the President and Secretary General.

5. Church institutions, clinics and schools, are highly abused by the National Church Board through the Secretary General. It is also disheartening to learn of how positions in the church schools are awarded to individuals at a fee. 

6. The church constitution has, for a number of times been amended to safeguard the interests of a few individuals and such would be forced down or imposed without due diligence.

7. The secretary general who occupies the position of local church pastor, school's grantee and clinics' administrator much against the constitution and corporate governance principles.

8. For a long period, the National Church Board has been bullying pastors and other brethren so badly that most considered leaving the church as a means to save their faith and soul. They would be made objects of ridicule through negative criticisms and hatred.

We therefore demand the following

i)  Regional meetings and church conferences are put into force forthwith

ii) All monies due to the Regional Boards be released, to the last cent, immediately to further God’s work at the grassroots

iii) An independent audit into the church finances be instituted, especially at national level

iv) Ordination of pastors be carried out as per the guidelines in our constitution and bye laws than as a subjective function

v)  A commission of enquiry into the allegations of bribery and corruption, ungodly practices by the National Church Board as well as witchcraft, currently rocking the church be instituted.

vi) The church constitution and the Bye laws undergo reconstruction to incorporate clauses that are value add to the church and eradicate those that open them to manipulation.

vii)  A school manager or Grantee, separate from the Secretary General, be immediately appointed so to fight off conflict of interest

viii)  The secretary general should not pastor a local church to avoid conflict of interest

ix) The issue of the petition by Bhunya Alliance members be given a serious consideration

x)         The issue of Pastor S. Msibi’s suspension must be concluded and a report be presented to Regional Church Conference and National Church Conference.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!