3 E'S

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You must be thinking what I imply when I say 3 E's. It stands for encouraging, employing and evolving. Students especially in high school often get confused on what stream to pursue or how to build their career? In India, the most popular choice is engineering or medicine. WHY? Why not something like entrepreneurship or commerce? It might be because of pressure from their parents and sometimes(very rarely)their own choice. But mostly it is because of insufficient exposure to other ideas like entrepreneurship, business, economics etc.

Most kids do not know anything about creating their own company, the finances behind it and the market risks and structures. All they are being taught is how to score marks and get good jobs. HOW ABOUT WE TRY TO MOTIVATE THEM TO FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS AND IDEAS? Let me quote a famous personality TONY GASKINS,"If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs."

Dreams are what give us the drive to get things done. A dream is what gets us off the bed in the morning and makes us do things we might not otherwise want to do. We don’t always have the talent to realise our dreams. So lets try to make ourselves aware of our goals in life and the path we have to follow to reach it. At this point I want to narrate a small incident from my childhood ' I had a friend who was really interested in robotics and his parents were clever enough to realise that robotics had no scope in India, so they went to the US. That boy, my friend, got an award from President Obama in robotics'. Could he have done all that in India? NO!! Because all we want is an engineering degree or a medical certificate.

If all the schools in India could provide sufficient exposure to other ideas and motivate students to follow their dreams, imagine what India's future would be like. This could be carried out by what I like to call the 3 E's class. Give students an insight into what reality is, instead of teaching them bookish knowledge.

Finally I would like to ask you a question "If a country like america whose population is 32.31 crores has a billgates, a jeff bezos, a steve jobs then why does a country like India whose population is 133.48 crores have nobody like that?" Sure Indians are CEO'S of multi-million dollar entities but has an Indian ever built a company which is as big as apple or amazon. And how come there is no Indian university in top 50 in the world even in 'ENGINEERING.'

I have addressed this to the chairperson of CBSE as it is the most popular syllabus in India and the 3E's change can take place rapidly. Thanking you in anticipation.