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Toxic Radiation: Under your nose: Did you know?

The EMRadiation Policy Institute

Jun 16, 2013 — Watch this video to get an eye-opening look at how much radiation beloved wireless devices emit.  Biologically the levels are not low. These exposures are unavoidable in the community at large, often even in your home, from cell and broadband antennas, other people's home WiFi systems and devices, etc highlighting the need for meaningful biologically-based RF radiation safety limits implemented by an agency tasked with protecting public health and the environment.

Radiation dangers in your home - Most people have no idea!

Microwave radiation dangers in your home -
Microwave radiation dangers in your home -
Magda Havas demonstrates how WiFi connects your laptop, iPhone and iPad to the internet via microwave radiation. You will also learn how WiFi base stations, portable phones and baby monitors constantly radiate microwave radiation. The Swiss Government feels that all of these devices have the potential to do great harm if used incorrectly and warn their citizens.