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The Sonoma Planning Commission is considering a proposal by a developer who plans to build a 49-unit apartment complex at 20269 Broadway, across from Train Town near Leveroni/Napa Road. To put things in perspective, based on Sonoma’s population, this would be the equivalent of an 800-unit project in Santa Rosa and would generate between 319 and 490 new vehicle trips per day. That part of town already experiences heavy traffic and to add significant volume in two school zones would present new safety hazards for children.

The site on Broadway is so small the developer can provide only 62 on-site parking spaces for as many as 237 residents. This would put considerable pressure on the surrounding neighborhoods and create more safety issues for pedestrians and bicyclists as people drive around looking for parking. Residential streets are central to the feeling of community and belonging within a neighborhood. When traffic volumes increase beyond what is considered normal by residents, social street activities (children playing, block parties, etc.) are greatly reduced and the feeling of well-being in the affected neighborhood is threatened.

More than just a localized issue, lack of sufficient parking should be a concern for all residents because the proposed development is located in the Historic Overlay Zone and must “respect and contribute to the character of the area.” What would it say about our City if all the streets near the Gateway were crowded with traffic and parked cars? It is doubtful Sonoma would remain an attractive and safe place to live or visit if cars overwhelm it.

Please help protect our community’s quality of life and small town character and tell the Sonoma Planning Commission to:

  1.  Reject the developer’s proposal until the number of units is significantly reduced and the on-site parking spaces are increased.
  2.  Order a full Environmental Impact Review to help make certain all of the negative impacts of a large development on our community are identified and fully mitigated.

The Commission has shown it is in favor of this low-income development. Please sign this petition to let the Commissioners know they must look more closely at the site’s limitations and ensure the surrounding neighborhoods are not negatively impacted.


Sources and Resources

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!