Remove the pointless ban on PUBG in Pakistan!

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July 2nd came with a nationwide ban on the popular game PUBG. Players from all over the country are in deep sorrow and a disturbing state of affairs as this game was a vent for many to blow off some steam from a stressful day. 

The ban came from some vaguely circulating reports of 2 people committing suicide because of the game, which is very unlikely and sounds like another propaganda initiated by competitors. An online game that is being played competitively worldwide can never be a reason for someone’s suicide unless the person was already sick. Even if it is true, a mentally sick person that is susceptible to suicide should be put in supervision of a therapist as anything can turn out to be their reason for suicide. Banning a game for a free nation of millions is just pointless and sabotages freedom!

Considering the situation Covid-19 has posed and everyone being rightly ordered to stay at home, PUBG is a game that keeps people connected despite the distances and amused despite the situation. 

We as a nation, based on our rights to free speech and consumer choices strongly condemn this decision and vote for reversal as the only way to prevent suicides in your country is to provide mental healthcare commonly. 

If you really think the suicide was because of some disappointment in the game, you might have a few more round the corner with the unjustified banning! Think with your brains �