To Decrease the college Fee's

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Hello everyone

We are making this petition for the welfare of Students and parents.

Due to Covid_19 crisis lots of people lost their lives and job. Some people don't have food to eat. Due to lockdown some people are staying at home, some have work from home and students have online classes , some students don't have smartphone , some don't get proper network to attend classes. Knowing all these things our college have raised the college fees which are not affordable by parents during this period (due to covid_19) . So please help us by signing this petition, so that it helps lot of parents (including our parents).

'Online classes are going on but our college fees haven't been reduced' which includes :

Campus maintenance fees

Building Fee's

Library Fee's

Laboratory Fee's

Wifi connection Fee's etc...

We are not using anything from our college except their teaching.

We are staying in our homes, so 'no labs, no campus maintenance' , using our mobile data/wifi, so 'no college WiFi' , no library etc. But they are asking us to pay those fees which are not being used by us.. By signing this petition please help us to reduce the college fees so that our parents can be relax a little..

Some top colleges reduced fees to less than 20K , so please support us to do with our college as well.

Thank you.