Concern Over Fee Structure - Presidency School East Branch

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This letter was already submitted at Presidency EAST school branch in April 2018, on behalf of all the parents who wish to share our dissatisfaction over the increasing fee structure year on year, which we feel isn’t justified and hence are bringing this to your notice for your kind perusal & necessary action.

It’s very displeasing to see such a rise in the annual fee & tuition fee, which is just unacceptable & unjustified considering the type of deliverables provided by the institution in these five years. Moreover it’s a huge financial burden for parents who have 2 children studying in same school, where the school isn’t offering any sibling benefit too. 

Annual Fee increased by 105% and Tuition Fee 43%

While most educational institutions do not have an Annual Fee, we unfortunately have one here in PBSE, which keeps mounting YoY without any proper justification. We can understand the hike in tuition fee but the concept of an annual fee and its haphazard increase YoY is definitely a matter of serious concern now. Even comparing within Presidency Group of Institutions there is disparity in the fee structure.

In this regard, we are placing below our main demands for your immediate consideration and response.

1. Total abolition Annual Fee or a fixed Annual Fee which doesn’t vary YoY.
2. From 2017-18 to 2018-19, we see there is an increase in tuition fee of 9.09% which we feel needs to be reduced to 5% given the fact that even corporate organizations do not provide such a pay hike in the current economic situation.

3. Introduce concession of overall fees for siblings.
4. Formation of a Parents Association.

We expect that you look into the concerns raised and if required call for a meeting with Parents representative to discuss this matter on priority. Till there is an amicable solution, we are afraid to mention that you will have to bear with the delay in payment of the fees for the current academic year.

If school management fails to acknowledge our concern on fee structure, we will be forced to escalate the matter to State and Central Education Department for intervention.

We had submitted this letter along with the parents signature at school, but there was no response or resolution.

Yours Sincerely,

Parents Group