Stop the Diversion of Brahmaputra/ Yarlung Tsangpo Waters!

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Do you know how valuable is the river Brahmaputra/ Yarlung Tsangpo to the people residing in North-Eastern part of India & Bangladesh? The livelihood of millions of people residing in those regions is put at stake by Chinese Government's disastrous plans to build Hydro-Projects! The dam will be constructed before Brahmaputra enters into Indian Territory & the water diverted towards the vast arid areas of Xingjian Region & Gansu Province.

This is supplemented by the fact that the Brahmaputra/Siang River in the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh has been found to have "unnaturally high cement & mud concentration" even during the winter months! A majority of aquatic life too has withered due to the polluted waters. As a matter of fact, tunnel construction has already started in Yunnan Province implying that the project development is solely responsible. Being the lesser of the riparian countries, India & Bangladesh are at a serious risk of the fallout as a result of Chinese activities. 

The plan to divert the waters is very disastrous & has serious repercussions on both the environment as well as the daily lifestyle of people. One of tributaries of Brahmaputra,  Xiabuqu River too was blocked for the construction of another dam. Furthermore, no clarity has been provided on the project to all the concerned parties (Points also toward the need for a proper water-sharing agreement between downstream countries). This bolsters the truth about the project's implications on India's northeastern plains & Bangladesh; either with floods or reduced water flow. Brahmaputra forms the lifeline of nearly 130 million people whose lives directly or indirectly depend upon the river for sustenance (in areas where small-scale fishing and subsistence agriculture are main sources of livelihood!).

I appeal to you all, to act in public interest & environmental conservation. It must be ensured that unilateral act by a party does not affect others gravely & wreak havoc on flora & fauna associated. It is my sincere belief, coupled with those who have joined me in this endeavor, that the recipients will act in accordance of interests of all those people concerned & take the necessary corrective action!