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In 2014, the Milwaukee County Transit System JobLines, Routes 6 and 61, were created to connect those in our hardest-hit urban neighborhoods to opportunities for advancement outside the city. Suddenly people had newfound access to available jobs in retail, manufacturing and more—as well as internships, apprenticeships and community colleges that would create a path not just to a job but a career.

Every day, more than 1,000 riders rely on the JobLines, often to get to work, throughout Waukesha and Washington Counties. In October 2018, the UW–Milwaukee Center for Economic Development released “An Economic Impact Study on the MCTS JobLines Routes 6 and 61”—a report that makes the importance of the JobLines Routes profoundly clear: “The analysis indicates there is a need for permanent transit connections between inner-city Milwaukee neighborhoods and job locations in suburban areas. Better transit could address two key problems the region is currently facing: the high jobless rates of Milwaukee’s inner-city neighborhoods and the shortage of workers faced by many suburban employers.”

When funding began to run out, you stepped up and let your voice be heard! Thanks to you, community rallies and events, steady media coverage and a presence at board meetings in Milwaukee and Waukesha County, the JobLines support was impossible to ignore.  We need your support again!

Heroes of the JobLines!

In November 2018, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution—championed by County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic—that would not only extend the funding for the MCTS JobLines’ most popular route but also urged the counties to find a funding solution to make it permanent.

A New Route is on The Way!

The JobLines will still connect riders to more than 150 employers with well-paying opportunities in retail, manufacturing and more with a few major changes.

1.    January 6, 2019, Route 61 will become Route 57 – a BIGGER and BETTER route that runs from Milwaukee’s Intermodal Station all the way to Germantown!

2.    Route 6 ends December 22, 2018, but MCTS has dozens of routes covering the Metro Milwaukee area and beyond. Find your new route on

There’s still work to do!

The JobLines is the beginning of a regional transit system in southeastern Wisconsin. Regional transportation attracts business development, supports job growth, relieves traffic congestion, and helps lift people out of poverty. Eliminating it will jeopardize hundreds of jobs for the riders and families ­who depend on them – adding to unemployment and negatively impacting the economic output of the areas they serve.  The Regional Transit Leadership Council (RTLC)—a local organization that works to advance regional transit through public-private partnerships—strongly believes that regional transit is the solution to boosting the economy through connectivity. 

Add Your Voice!

By signing our petition, you join all of us who understand that transportation is the great connector with communities and jobs. Your signature will strengthen the plea to the Milwaukee and Waukesha County Boards of Supervisors, RTLC and MCTS to reevaluate transportation funding and dedicate the resources needed to make the JobLines permanent!