Remove, relocate, and replace the Confederate Monument at Fairfax County Courthouse

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The Confederate monument at the Fairfax County Courthouse glorifies John Quincy Marr, a man who voted for our state’s secession from the United States. It also promotes the Lost Cause mythology that supported the edifice of Jim Crow and racism for a century. This monument should be replaced with one that marks the location of the beginning of the war in Virginia and also honors the victims of the war.

The man it celebrates, while initially "pro-Union," was Fauquier County's delegate to Virginia’s secession convention and voted for secession. The speeches on the day it was dedicated in 1904 featured the typical recitations of his personal and general Southern “bravery,” but also propaganda about the Lost Cause. This monument, like many others, is a memorial not so much to one man but more to the Lost Cause mythology that organizations like the Daughters of the Confederacy, which raised money for it, promoted though him.

We, the residents of Fairfax County, suggest the monument be replaced with one that has the following or similar wording: ”This stone marks the site of the opening conflict in Virginia of the Civil War of 1861–1865, and was raised in memory of the U.S. soldiers, victims of the war, and enslaved people.”


The current monument should be relocated to a museum where it can be viewed with context about why and when it was created. 

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