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Let Tommy Wells Do His Job

DC Council Member Tommy Wells has been a tireless advocate for smart growth and better transportation. But recently, his colleagues stripped him of his transportation committee assignment, greatly diminishing his ability to help Washingtonians gain access to cleaner, faster, safer transportation.

DC City Council Chairman Kwame Brown denied the move was retribution for Wells' even-handed investigation of how Brown and other city officials were using city resources for private luxury cars. But Brown's explanations for why the council shuffled committee assignments mid-year simply don't add up.

Wells has the greatest depth of experience and the best record on public service regarding transportation issues. Removing him from this post will have negative repercussions for the District.

DC's City Council shouldn't put politics above public service.

Please tell Brown to reinstate Wells' position and give him more authority to help Washingtonians.

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    Kwame Brown

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