Injustice ! Where is equality in marking without standardisation ?

Injustice ! Where is equality in marking without standardisation ?

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This is to bring to your kind notice that we are not in favour of the "No moderation" policy coming in effect from 2017 (passing batch ) . 

Because of :-

1)Short Notice 

2)No change in exam pattern from last year 

3) Different difficulty level and difference in question for different question paper sets . ( which puts students who got a difficult set having out of the way questions , at a disadvantage ) .

4) This would also hamper the future prospects and would infuse a lack of confidence and self belief .

5) All the state boards have not adopted this policy from 2017 ( they will apply this policy from next year onwards) , putting CBSE students at a disadvantage .

6) Checking would not be uniform as different people check paper differently and with it no standardisation would lead to false display of ones ability in comparison to the other.

7) Moreover , if students would have been notified of this change before hand , they would have studied more for their entrance examinations .


Implementation of "No Moderation" Policy should be done keeping in mind the difference in the level of paper in different regions . To keep a check on the above mentioned issues , this policy (if applied) , then should be applied from next year (2018 ) onwards as the board would set paper accordingly . 


We hope , we have made  all the repercussions  clear and just .

We hope CBSE and MHRD look into this matter and take a wise decision on the same issue.

Thank You 

Class 12 Students(2017) .