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Petitioning Chairman - Central Board of Direct Taxes Shri Mukesh Chand Joshi and the employees of the CBDT

Achieve promised results (RFD) and bring quantum changes to the CBDT

As citizens who are keen on improved governance and reduced corruption, it is our duty to keep the pressure on government to meet targets and achieve outcomes while also crediting them where due.

The Government of India has an exceptional outcome-focused initiative called the Results Framework Document (RFD) which acts as a record of understanding between a Minister representing the people’s mandate and the Secretary of a Department responsible for implementing this mandate. This document contains the agreed objectives, policies, programs and projects of a department and also provides success indicators and targets to measure progress.

As part of the overarching performance monitoring and evaluation system, the RFD enhances the capacity of government departments to measure success and implement performance incentives aimed at improved service orientation, enhanced accountability framework and responsive governance.

The Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes – Mr. Mukesh Chand Joshi had written a letter (in Nov 2011) to his department encouraging them to view the RFD as a tool to achieve Vision 2020 and requesting his team for inputs and greater participation in finalising the RFD for 2012.

By signing this petition we want to recognize the leadership of the Chairman and track improvements in 2012/2013 to see time-bound real outcomes.

The letter is available here  for all to see:

Also visit for more.

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  • Chairman - Central Board of Direct Taxes
    Shri Mukesh Chand Joshi and the employees of the CBDT

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