Replace plastic milk packets with Biodegradable materials

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All milk brands come in plastic packets including Amul. Not only milk in fact most of the items are packed in plastic. All these plastics find their way into the garbage without any solution of these being decomposed. It is becoming a huge threat to our environment.  

India generates around 56 lakh tonnes of plastic waste annually, where Delhi alone accounts for 9,600 metric tonnes per day. Plastic menace is one of the major causes that is making waste management an Herculean task for the country. 

Amul being the leading brand of milk and milk products, it is requested that they switch over to environment friendly medium to pack all its products, especially milk, leading by example, which will encourage other brands to emulate it thereby we can put forward a step in the right direction in saving our precious environment.  

A simple change of policy can achieve big results for the planet.