Safety before profits - bring the York Region Transit buses back to York University!

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Recently, York Region Transit (YRT) announced that they would not longer service York University. The reason? The arrival of the subway station.

Here's the problem: the subway station does not service students, faculty and staff coming in from York Region.

Forcing students, staff and faculty to either walk up to 40 minutes extra to get to class OR pay another fare to get to campus:

  • exploits vulnerable students who are already on a tight budget.
  • puts students, staff and faculty at risk by making them walk up to 40 minutes on a dark campus to get a bus. (Some classes don't end until 10pm)
  • adds a significant amount of time to commutes that are already long enough and will encourage people to drive to get to York (leading to an environmental impact as well).

We need to tell York Region Transit that they need to bring buses back onto campus and service their customers meaningfully. Compromising safety and adding costs to students who are already struggling is unacceptable.