Montclair High School Student Union

Montclair High School Student Union

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Started by Anon Ymous

What we Want:

We at Montclair High School want a student union. We want transparency over matters that affect us, the students and the community. We want a say over matters that affect us, the students and community. We see the shortcomings of the administration and their faults, but we can fix this. We will have our voices heard for ourselves, our students, and our community. 

Why This is Important:

Although as students we may not be adults, we still deserve to know what is happening at our school. We currently have no say in what the administration does, yet we are the ones that are forced to abide by the rules implemented despite lack of youth representation. 

Times continue to change and the school system should reflect that. We see many colleges today having student unions, but very few high schools. Student unions have worked well in colleges to hold administration and staff accountable as well as allowing the students' voices to be heard in an organized and centralized manner. 

We want a facet of the student union to be able to act as a kind of jury system as well for students who have gotten in trouble for cases that would normally be sent to higher administration, such as the office or deans’. Many students feel as though punishments they receive may be based on bias or lack of understanding of circumstances by administration. By allowing the student the option of being judged by their peers as well, this will help negate any bias that may or may not have affected their consequential punishment. We ask that this system be given as an option if not the default.

Many students are treated poorly or spoken to at times in a derogatory manner by staff. When these issues are brought up to administration they are ignored and pushed under the rug. There have even been times where not even parents are contacted despite reports being made against the staff member. We need these members of staff to be held accountable as so this foul behavior does not persist. We want the student union to have the capability to take the issue at hand and actively work to resolve it alongside administration.

We want transparency over matters that occur in our school. When a staff member is dismissed we want a reason to be given. When a change is made, such as one to schedule, we want to participate in the discussion. We are done with being treated without consideration on the basis of being children.

We at Montclair are ready for a change. 


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162 have signed. Let’s get to 200!