Change the Band Name "Nickelback" to "Chad and The Boys"

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Picture this: a reunion tour for some band that had a hit song way back in 2001. Was it an OK song? Sure, maybe. Was it an OK band? Listen, pal. I'll level with you. Not really. But what if I told you their reunion tour was called "The Boys are Back (In Town)." No? That's copywrited? Well what if I told you the reunion tour was called "Chad and The Boys are Back (In Town)." Pretty great, right? I bet you would be pumped to go see that reunion tour!!! This is why, for the sake of everybody, but especially for the sakes of Chad and his Boys, the band Nickelback should change their name to Chad and The Boys.

Do you know where the name "Nickelback" comes from? Is it meaningful, like perhaps it is the name of the lead drummer's grandmother, and therefore changing the band name would be insensitive? This is a fair question for you to ask. The answer is absolutely not. It is a phrase Chad would repeat when giving people their change when he was working at a Starbucks. This is hardly inspirational! Chad has moved on from Starbucks, and so should his band name!!