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Carryout Courier, Hate Has No Home in York, PA

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Update: the employee in question has resigned, per a statement from Carryout Courier that is available on their Facebook page.

To the owner of Carryout Courier, Chad Eisenhart,

In what will surely be remembered as a dark moment in American history, white supremacists crawled from the shadows one August weekend in 2017 to march in Charlottesville, Va. They carried guns and shields and Confederate flags. They wore Nazi swastikas on their bodies. They chanted 'Jews will not replace us' and 'Black lives don't matter.'

They killed a woman.

They did all of this proudly and publicly with the intention to intimidate and trigger fear.

Among those white supremacists was a man who works for the food delivery service, Carryout Courier, located on North George Street in North York in York County, Pennsylvania. This man has been widely identified on social media as Bob Martin.

We are a coalition of community members taking a stand against bigotry in defense of our neighbors. We will not tolerate hate in this community.

This coalition is calling on you to protect your customers and your community by immediately terminating the employment of this self-declared white supremacist. A man who has willingly aligned himself with murderous, hateful bigots cannot be trusted to interact with the public. He especially should not be trusted with customers' personal information and access to their homes.

As long as this man remains an employee of Carryout Courier, we will continue to inform the public of the risk they are taking when they place an order with your business.

For too long, too many of us have tolerated this type of bigotry in York. For too long, too many of us have looked the other way.

It is time to start believing bigots when they tell us who they are.

We call on Carryout Courier to do the right thing. Show this man that hate has no home in York, not even in the shadows.

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