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Petition involving the protection of ALL historical monuments within the state of Georgia.

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Petition to strengthen Georgia code O.C.G.A 50-31-1 involving the protection of historical, markers, monuments and statues within the state of Georgia


 As of this day, August the Seventeenth, in the grand year of Two Thousand and Seventeen,  (8/17/2017  We the signees of this petition, petition the state of Georgia which includes primarily the cities of Macon, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, all 159 counties and all towns between, held within the state lines to strengthen the state law and Georgia code of O.C.G.A  50-31-1, that already prohibits the removal of our states historical markers, monuments, statues, signage to include the following words

“or anything that bears solid face and witness to the testimonials of all Veterans in the state of Georgia which include all veterans of the following which and includes  the military veterans of all wars, the law enforcement, firemen, state and local politicians, artist and local heroes including but not limited to all the history in this great state of Georgia”.

     We the people hereby willingly sign this petition to help generate interest in the state and local levels within the state of Georgia and including all 159 counties that represent this great state. We ask that all state and local politicians help us strengthen Georgia Code O.C.G.A 50-31-1.  We the people as a whole are in agreement to strengthen these codes and hereby will be watching this very closely to see the outcome. I also agree that by signing this petition I am helping protect ALL HISTORY within this great state of Georgia for the generations to come.


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